11 Must Have Aquarium Accessories For All Aquarium Type

Fish aquariums provide a different dimension to your living room’s aura. While being a center of attraction, they can also be an excellent way of teaching kids about aquatic life. Hence, it is necessary that once you start an aquarium, you maintain it in the right conditions.

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This article enlists some of the essential must-have aquarium accessories to ensure you have your aquarium always up and running correctly.

1. Filtration system

Filtration systems get rid of any waste products in the aquarium water. A filtration system does this in three ways – mechanical, chemical or biological.

Check this article for further information on filtration systems and whether if you need one.

2. Heaters and thermometers

In cases where there is a difference between the ambient temperature and water temperature required by the hosted fishes, you will need a heating system. Heating elements will help raise the aquarium water temperature while you monitor the temperature with the help of the thermometer.

3. Aerator

An aerator or air pump induces oxygen into the aquarium water. Oxygen is necessary to sustain the aquatic life inside the aquarium, and the aerator helps provide oxygen. It also partially helps in moving the water around the tank. But for large water movements, you are better using a powerhead.

4. Lights

The lights are only for you. Fishes can survive with mild sunlight. That said, setting up lights in your aquarium brings out the beauty of your artificial aquatic setup.

5. Containers

It would be handy to have something like a bucket or basin when you are performing periodic maintenance or cleaning the tank.

6. Sponge

A pair of sponges will be helpful to clean the aquarium. In case you have an acrylic aquarium, use a soft sponge to clean as acrylic is more delicate than glass.

7. Fishnet

When cleaning the tank, you need something to transfer the fishes to a temporary location. A fishnet will help you with it. That way it will be more accessible for you and less shocking for the fishes.

8. Water Testing Kit

Use the water testing kits to assess the water quality in the aquarium. Make a habit to check the water condition at least once a week to ensure the fishes stay healthy. Always have water testing kits stocked at home to avoid last-minute store runs.

9. Water Conditioners

It is not given that you will always find ideal water conditions for your fishes and might have to resort to using water conditioners. Water conditioners help stabilize the water conditions to match the need of the fishes. So, make sure you get some when you are going about setting up your aquarium.

10. Salts

Salts are mostly required for saltwater aquariums. Freshwater setups do not need them. Have the requisite salt at home ready and use according to the needs.

11. Gravel siphons or substrate cleaners

These cleaners help remove the waste that has settled on the substrate layer. These waste are the ones that are stuck between the gravels or among the decorative structures. Gravel siphons make the process of cleaning the substrate layer less of a hassle.

When starting an aquarium, remember to include the above items in the to-buy list so you can work with your aquarium conveniently.

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