Best 200-Watt Aquarium Heaters; a list by Fisheries Consultant

Carol M.
Fisheries Consultant

An aquarium heater is a piece of essential equipment that keeps your fish warm. Fish are coldblooded creatures, and they rely on the heater to keep their bodies warm. So, if the aquarium heater fails, this affects your fish. We understand it can be hectic to find out the best 200-watt heater for your aquarium. But we got your back. Here is a detailed list of the best heaters you may assess for your aquarium.

Top 9 200-Watt Aquarium Heater

1. Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater

Eheim heater features shatterproof quartz glass to ensure heat transfer. Again, the material is durable and safe for your fish. The product also has a drying protection feature to prevent the heater from exploding if water levels go down. It has an accurate temperature sensor of up to 0.5-degrees F. You can still re-calibrate this heater for a precise temperature setting. 

The heater also has the on and off indicator to help you test it. It comes with a mounting bracket and suction cup for attachment to the tank. It offers a temperature range of 65-93 degrees F.


  • The accurate temperature setting of up to 0.5 degrees F
  • Ability for re-calibration
  • Durable
  • Safe for your fish
  • It has a dry sensor


  • Large and bulky
  • It has old school design
  • It’s a quite long unit

2. AquaTop Titanium Aquarium Heater

This heater's tube is made from titanium, a robust material for efficient heat transfer. It has a sleek design that's perfect for any aquarium. This heater features a temperature indicator and remote probe sensor for accuracy. It has controller buttons for setting temperature and offers a range of 68-92 degrees F.


  • Very accurate
  • It’s durable
  • It has double insulation and quality material
  • Easy to read temperature indicator


  • Lacks external or separate controls

3. Hygger Saltwater Aquarium Heater

This heater offers the best performance in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Its titanium tube is heavy-duty, explosion-proof, and corrosion-resistant; thus, you can use it in all aquariums. This material is perfect for heat transfer and offers a long shelf-life.

The heater comes with a probe thermometer and heater controller with an LCD for displaying the current and set temperature. Again, it has an automatic thermostat that maintains the temperature error up to 0.5 degrees Celsius.


  • Unique design
  • Durable material
  • Easy to set temperatures and read


  • Only used in glass tanks
  • Limited mounting options

4. Fluval M Aquarium Heater

Fluval is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. This heater comes with a sleek design that blends with the tank environment. It features a computerized-calibrated thermostat and temperature dial. This heater can have a temperature range of 66-86 degrees F.

It has a quality, durable heating tube that is explosion-proof from borosilicate glass. Again, it contains a ceramic heat sink that maximizes heat transfer.


  • It has a friendly price
  • Computerized thermostat
  • Sleek modern design
  • Easy to read temperature dial


  • Lacks separate controller
  • It lacks a heater guard
  • No overheat or dry sensor

5. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Pro Heater

The cobalt heater comes in a flat design which takes a larger surface area in the aquarium. The design may be unpleasant, but this makes the heater efficient. It has a one-touch button, making it easy to set up the heater. The heater is adjustable with a temperature range of 68-94 degrees. This heater has an accuracy of 0.5 degrees F of the set temperature.

This heater is fully submersible in the tank. It features an auto shut-off circuitry to prevent overheating, thus making it safe for your fish. The outer casing is shatterproof, and this makes the heater indestructible. It also has LEDs for current water temp and set temp.

However, the heater comes with a price tag for its excellent features and efficiency. Again, the heater comes in small wattages only, and you require several when using it in big tanks.


  • Accurate up to 0.5 degrees F
  • Has manual temperature adjustment dial
  • Unique and compact design
  • LCD for easy reading


  • Only available in small wattage; thus, not ideal for large tanks
  • It’s very expensive

6. Orlushy Submersible Heater

This heater comes at an affordable price, and it's of good quality. The tubing has quartz glass which is shatterproof and explosion-proof. It features a thermostat and an adjustable temperature dial. You can set your temperatures to 69-89 degrees F.

Orlushy has a reliable thermostat that will maintain constant temperatures in the tank. Again, the heater will automatically shut off when it reaches the set temperature. It also has a long power cord of around 6 ft for convenience.

However, despite the heater being affordable, it's not accurate. It has an error of around 1 degree F of the set temperature.


  • It's affordable
  • It has a shatterproof quality casing
  • Reliable thermostat
  • Long power cord for convenience


  • It's not accurate
  • Suctions cups lose strength easily

7. ViaAqua Heater

ViaAqua is a compact, efficient heater for your tank. It has an inbuilt thermostat to regulate temperatures and easy-to-read temperature readings on the side. It appears red when you set temperatures, thus easy to re-adjust.

This heater tubing has a thickened quartz glass and ceramic heating core for effective heat transfer.


  • Ceramic heating core for heat dispersal
  • High-quality quartz glass
  • Visible temperature setting
  • Best for freshwater and saltwater tanks


  • Temperature settings aren’t accurate

8. Aquenon Pro Heater

This heater is adjustable with an automatic shut-off that prevents overheating. The heater tube has a non-corrosive shell. The heater also features an adjustable setting which allows you to control water temperatures. It maintains a temperature range of within 68-88 degrees F.

Again, it has an LED light that is always on. The LED gets red when heating and is green when water is at the desired temperature. You can use this heater in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


  • Auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating
  • It’s a fully submersible heater
  • Adjustable temperature setting


  • It has a short lifespan
  • It cracks after some few years

9. Tetra HT Submersible Heater

This heater is affordable and ideal for starters in fish keeping. It has a light indicator to show you when the heater is on: red when heating and green when the water has the correct temperature. The heater sets automatically to 78 degrees F, which is ideal for tropical aquarium fish.

The heater features a thermostat that maintains the water temperature. Again, the thermostat prevents overheating for a longer heater’s shelf life. It has a strong glass tube that is heat and shock-resistant. This product also features carbide crystals for improving heat transfer.


  • It’s very affordable
  • It's compact and easy to conceal
  • It has an indicator light system


  • You can't adjust the temperature
  • This light can be difficult to see
  • Sometimes the heater can overheat

What to Look for In an Aquarium Heater

When choosing the best 200-watt heater, its best to make the following assessment:

  • Type of Heater

There are diverse heaters on the market. These types are submersible, in-line heaters, substrate, and immersible/ hanging heaters. Therefore, choose a heater that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Size

Some heaters are rod-shaped, so choose one that fits your tank. It won't be best to have a heater longer than your tank. Again, there is a general rule that you need 2.5 and 5 Watts per gallon of water. However, this may change depending on the size of the tank and the temperatures of the room where you have the tank.

To work out the wattage needed, you should subtract the room temperature from the desired temperature of the aquarium. The results you get as temperatures should guide you on the heater wattage you need.

  • Stability

Search for a heater that has strong suction cups to attach securely.

  • Level of Security

Choose a heater that won’t compromise the safety and health of your fish. Find a heater that will automatically shut off if temperatures get high or water gets too low.

  • Water Temperature Control

Purchase a thermometer that will choose a specific temperature for your fish. Different creatures require different water temperatures, so your heater should have the ability to set.


The above are the best 200W heaters you may consider for your tank. Most of these heaters have great features like auto-shutoff to prevent the heater from exploding. Again, they contain quality tubing materials that are shatterproof and heavy-duty. As you choose your heater, you should check on the size, temperature control, and safety.

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