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Carol M.
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Cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming if you own an aquarium. Luckily, there are aquarium gravel cleaners that can come in handy. However, there are many gravel cleaners, and finding the best may be hectic.

So, how do you recognize the best gravel cleaner? Below, we list the best gravel cleaners to ease your burden. You may assess them for your aquarium.

1. Python No Spill Cleaner

This equipment serves as a cleaner and helps change water from your tank. It helps in sucking water to replace it with a clean one and suck dirt and debris in the tank. The system causes no disturbance to your fish or décor, thus convenient to use.


It features hose gravel, switch, hose connectors, faucet pump, and brass faucet adapter. The hose is 25 feet long and doesn't require buckets or siphons for cleaning.


  • It cleans the gravel and empties the water
  • It’s a complete system, ready to use
  • You don’t require siphons or containers
  • Easy to separate it


  • It’s a bit complicated to use for the first time.

2. Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Cleaner

Laifoo features one tool, but it's very effective. The siphon connects to a long pipe with a hand pump at the end. After placing the siphon inside the tank, you should press the handle, and it will suck the water. You can suck and eliminate any debris, including fish feces.

This gravel cleaner has a five-foot-long hose that is durable. Other features are; a gravel tube and a siphon ball. The product also comes with a 3 -year warranty.


  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for cleaning fish feces
  • It is transparent and elastic-plastic, so you can see through it when cleaning.
  • Has high suction power
  • Long hose with durable plastic


  • The first-time installation of the unit is a bit complicated.

3. Nicrew Automatic Cleaner

This product is a 2-1 unit built to handle the cleaning needs efficiently. It contains a sponge filter that traps the debris in the tank. The sponge is easy to clean.

It comes with a flow adjustment valve that regulates the water flow. The unit can clean the tank by removing the topmost layer of particles without disturbing the gravel. It helps reduce the accumulation of toxins and reduces strain on your filter.


  • Can change the water in a tank
  • Best for a complete aquarium cleaning
  • Can remove particles easily
  • Features adjustable water flow
  • Don’t disturb the bottom layer of the substrate


  • It lacks a hose for cleaning; thus, you need to buy one.

4. Ssriver Store Gravel Cleaner

This unit can remove debris and particles without its tubes being blocked. The product can also change water to keep your fish in a healthy environment by pressing some buttons. It comes with a flow adjuster to regulate the cleaner.

Again, it has a unique feature, the anti-backflow valve design, which makes cleaning effective and easy. In addition, the cleaner has various features like a water flow clamp and glass scraper.


  • It has a unique design
  • It prevents blockage of tubes
  • Has an anti-black flow valves
  • Easy to use by just pressing buttons



5. Hoodia Electric Gravel Cleaner

This unit is four-in-one and features a gravel cleaner, water changer, algae cleaner, and waste extractor. You can use it on different sizes of tanks. It has a pump installed almost to the end to allow you to clean the tank even at low water levels.

  Again, it has a 90-degree design edge at the suction to help you reach the corners with ease. The filter on the suction prevents the sucking of fish and gravel. The powerful pump collects the waste materials and moves them into a waste-collecting container without disturbing the gravel.


  • It’s a 4 in one design
  • It contains a powerful pump
  • Works silently without disturbing the gravel.
  • It comes with an extendable hose


  • The shaft contains non-durable material
  • The unit can jam with a large chunk of waste

6. FeelGlad Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

This unit has an easy build functionality that cleans gravel without removing it. You can change 50% of the water and remove waste products weekly with this cleaner. It's a multi-cleaner unit of 6 into 1 featuring a water changer, sand cleaner, fish debris cleaner, water filter, water shower, and water flows.


  • You can wash the reusable filter bag and re-use it
  • The handle has an anti-slip grip
  • The device is multi-functional
  • The high-end mechanism allows the vacuum to save energy.


  • The machine can sometimes slow down
  • The hose may sometimes leak

7. Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

This cleaner presents a duckbill suction inlet that’s easy to suck the feces. Also, it has a handle-type press manual that makes the operation less laborious. You can use this unit in different types of tanks and sizes.

This cleaner features the following: pipe clamps, outlet hose, inlet tube, water flow clamp, and extension tube connector.


It's easy to operate the cleaner and works efficiently. You need to fill the tube with water and connect it to the hose outlet. Later press the button on top of the gravel cleaner severally to create suction. After several minutes the cleaner will remove the dirt from the aquarium.


  • It's reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for all tank sizes


  • The handle is oversized for some people to grip

How to Pick the Best Gravel Aquarium Cleaner

When buying  gravel cleaner, you should check out these factors;

  • Tank size- Choose a cleaner that will fit your tank needs. If having a large tank, you should choose a large unit, and if a small one, a smaller cleaning unit.
  • Type of vacuum- the two main types of aquarium cleaners are siphon and electric. A siphon gravel cleaner is cheap and best for regular use and small tanks. Electric equipment is quite expensive and best for gravel cleaning.
  • Aquarium creatures – choose safe equipment for your plants and fish. It shouldn't suck up the fish; get one that has safety features.
  • Substrate-some vacuums best fit gravel substrate only. In the case of sand, the motor, filter, or tubes will get clogged.


The best gravel aquarium cleaner makes the cleaning of your tank easy. A perfect unit will eliminate the feces and algae and even change the water. Various types of vacuum cleaners are available, from siphon to electric ones. Pick yours wisely, considering the factors mentioned above to fit your tank needs.

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