How To Clean Fish Tank Gravel? The Proper Guide

When you are done cleaning your water and fish tank glass, you may have overlooked cleaning an essential part of the fish tank - the gravels. Gravels are not just meant for the looks of your fish tank. It also has various beneficial reasons involved behind adding it to the fish tank.

The Proper Way to Clean a Fish Tank Gravel Aquarium Chest 1

Why are Gravels Important?

- Gravels have a great part to play in biological filtration. It is home to the bacterias that convert toxic elements of the fish tank into fish-friendly elements. The bacterias stick on the surface of the gravel and colonize themselves. In case you do not add gravel in the fish tank, you have to change water on a regular basis.
- It is also a great habitat for fishes. They can hide underneath the gravels. They add comfort to the environment that the fishes enjoy. This results in the upliftment of the fish health in the tank.
- Finally, it gives an aesthetic appeal to the aquarium.

Check Out the Easy Steps Involved in Cleaning Gravel

- Add a few liters of fish tank water into a bucket and then add tap water to it. This will make a temporary home for the fish while you clean the gravels in the fish tank.
- Add the fishes to the bucket and set them aside.
- Unplug all the electrical equipment attached to the aquarium.
- Empty the tank of water.
- Now take aside some dirty gravel. When you clean the Gravels with chlorinated tap water, all the bacterias responsible for a healthy environment in the fish tank will die. So, it is necessary to keep aside some gravel to help to recolonize the bacterias after the completion of the cleaning process.
- Add the rest of the dirty gravel into different buckets.
- With the help of a garden hose, spray water with full pressure on the dirty gravel. Move the gravel around inside the bucket to clean the dirt off it.
- Continue this process until you see clear water coming.
- Now clean the inside of your fish tank with a soft cloth.
- Place the gravel inside the tank.
- Fill the fish tank with tap water and add a dechlorinating agent.
- Plug in the aquarium electricals.
- Make sure to add the previous fish water to the aquarium. This will help the fishes to adjust to the change very quickly without causing any stress.
- Add the fishes back to its clean abode.

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